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FCC Station Info

Public file information for each of the stations is found through the links below. For any questions or for more information regarding licences, public files or broadcasting guidelines and regulations please refer to FCC Website at or a stations FCC profile from the links below.

Station Public File
96.9 KVMV [Open File]
91.1 KVER [Open File]
88.3 KBNR [Open File]
91.7 KBNJ [Open File]
89.9 KBNL [Open File]
91.7 KNOG [Open File]
90.1 KRMB [Open File]
Station Public File
91.9 KYRM [Open File]
90.9 KWRB [Open File]
89.5 KEPX [Open File]
91.7 KRMC [Open File]
88.5 KVFE [Open File]
88.7 KEPI [Open File]
88.9 KRUC [Open File]

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Legal - Stations - Privacy Policy